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About us

It's a brave new world for commerce, and here at Thermik we are on the forefront of innovative distribution. The days of endless tiers of middlemen that jack up the price to consumers are ending. With the advent of social media, wise companies no longer need to invest a king's ransom into costly television and print media. What does this mean for customers? More bang for their buck.

Thermik is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer, meaning we're the engineer, the importer, the advertiser, and most importantly the retailer. How do we, as a small company accomplish all this? Technology. World class fulfillment like Amazon lets us warehouse and ship our products faster and cheaper than we would ever be able to do ourselves. Online marketing let's us advertise only to people who are already looking for what we sell.

All-in-all this means we are able to do more with our money, and likewise so are you.